Reflective decals are one of the many specialty materials that are increasing in popularity, due primarily to their effectiveness. Although first used widely for wayfinding and construction signs, police cars, and emergency vehicles to help with nighttime visibility, reflective material is now used by many businesses or services in a number of creative ways.

Here are 6 reasons to consider using reflective materials for your next graphics project:

1. Reflective graphics can be used to extend your marketing or advertising message 24/7.
2. Reflective materials are often just as sturdy and long-lasting as non-reflective materials.
3. Light-reflecting graphics help improve safety and security in and around your business (particularly when used along pathways, parking lots, and exits throughout the evening hours).
4. Reflective vehicle decals make that vehicle easier to see when traveling at night.
5. Roadside and safety signage with reflective graphics is easier to see at night.
6. Using reflective graphics on slower-moving vehicles (like farm equipment) helps make them more visible to other vehicles.

When considering whether or not to incorporate reflective lettering and signage on your next project, reach out to the experts at Vernon Graphic Solutions for creative ideas and solutions.