Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) graphics are a large niche industry that perfectly fits within the Vernon Graphic Solutions model.  Serving manufacturing clients of all sizes from small equipment like hand tools and lawn mowers to the largest farm and industrial equipment, VGS has creative solutions to ensure the unique branding needs of every customer.

We specialize in creating branded graphics for:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Industrial equipment

Types of OEM Graphics

  • Durable decals
  • Labels
  • Tags
  • Signs and placards
  • Safety & warning decals

No order is too large or too small. VGS will tailor an overall service package that makes sense for your business needs. Providing design expertise and digitally produced materials from our talented staff and vast resource of material and ink suppliers.

The VGS Difference

  • Our direct involvement from creating to delivery ensures efficiency and savings.
  • We establish single points of contact with you. One manufacturing representative and one customer service representative are permanently assigned to your account.
  • We ensure compliance with the industry’s ANSI Z535 decals standards and specifications.
  • Fast price quotes and quick transfer of artwork files an PDF proofs via email or FTP.
  • Guaranteed color matching by our lab technicians, utilizing our high-tech computer color matching system to produce correct and consistent colors the first time and every time.
  • Annual Usage Programs to monitor all inventory. High volume items that do not change frequently can be produced in bi-yearly or yearly quantities.
    Finished graphics are stored in our environmentally controlled warehouse, at no cost to you and ship on-demand upon your request. Because of the volume runs, this cuts costs, and because they are on the shelf ready for shipment, this cuts manufacturing lead times. It’s a WIN-WIN.