Project Management from start to finish.

Q: How do I start a project?

A: Reach out directly to your local National Account Executive, or if you’re new to working with VGS, fill out the New Project Inquiry below, give us a call at 660.947.2455 or send an email to:

Q: What types of art files do you accept?

A:  We use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as our main design programs and can receive files in the following formats:

  • Corel Draw version 5, 7 or 12
  • Adobe PageMaker version 6.5 or below
  • Cad Systems DXF or DWG

Please note: We also have a conversion program that will convert 53 different kinds of files to a usable format for us. We may be able to convert your design using our conversion software. Send the file, and we will give it a try.

Q: How do you ensure quality?

A:  We are ISO 9001 Certified. Each year, we conduct rigorous internal and external audits of our processes. We contract with an outside Certified ISO auditing firm.  We only buy materials from trusted, well know industry sources.  Each part gets a final inspection at our Shipping department prior to shipment.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A:  We follow construction methods and offer the material manufacturer warranty. Different materials come with 1, 3 or 5+ year warranties.

Q: What is your standard lead time?

A:  We typically ship within 1-2 weeks of when the PO is submitted and any necessary art approvals are complete. Rush orders are accommodated as best we can.

Q: Will you design my vehicle wrap or do I have to provide my own design?

A:   You may provide your own design or we have experienced in-house creative designers who can assist with bringing your ideas to life.

Q:  Where are vehicle wraps installed?

A:  Generally, vehicle wraps need to be installed in a climate-controlled area. This can be at the customer location, if this is not available the customer will need to drop their vehicle off at the install team’s location.


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