Adhesive or pressure-sensitive labels have a wide variety of uses including identification, information, tracking, and inventorying of goods across many markets and industries. As technology advances and printing processes evolve, it’s important to understand the latest material and adhesive available so you can choose the best combination for optimum label results.

The experts at Vernon Graphics Solutions can help determine the best materials and adhesives for your specific project, however, the following are five basic questions that will help determine the decals that will deliver the desired performance.

  1. Where are the decals being applied? There are adhesives formulated for specific surfaces, and the material selected should match the characteristics of the item to be labeled. For example, does it need to be flexible or reflective?
  2. What environments will the labels be exposed to? Extremely high or low temperatures, exposure to chemicals, or contact with moisture like frost and humidity must be taken into consideration. Labels exposed to exterior elements must be resistant to a variety of weather conditions including UV rays. Labels may also be subject to a high degree of handling that would require a higher level of label durability.
  3. What type of printing is needed? Consider unique factors like smudge and fade resistance (important for bar codes), the ability to add secondary printing after the initial decal has been printed, and even the ability to write on a decal.
  4. How will your labels be applied? Are they going to be applied using a machine or by hand? Do they need to be repositionable?
  5. Do your labels have any special requirements? For example, does the material need to be tamper-evident, waterproof or UL-compliant? Another specification to note would be if the decal can be serialized and trackable, which may be important.

When looking for a label manufacturer, you should partner with a company that offers robust capabilities, industry-leading technology, quality materials from the best suppliers in the industry, and a focus on customer satisfaction. Vernon Graphic Solutions offers you the benefits of years of experience, extensive capabilities, superior production capacity, and the flexibility and responsiveness required to meet your needs.