Sometimes all it takes to catch the eye of a prospective customer is a strategically-placed window graphic.

Here are a few reasons why window graphics make such a positive impact:

  • Building brand recognition: Grow your business by building your brand. Plain, boring windows say nothing about who you are or what makes you different. Use eye-catching window decals to turns heads and build invaluable brand recognition.
  • Budget-friendly advertising: Use window decals to tell prospective customers exactly who you are and what you do. Plus, depending on the material that is used, you can often easily swap out graphics for special promos, events, etc.
  • Promoting specials: Enhance your traditional advertising and give your marketing efforts an extra boost with window graphics that make people curious about what you offer as well as your latest specials.
  • Improving the view: Often, things like a brick wall or the back alley aren’t necessarily the ideal view or backdrop for conducting business. Instead of covering your windows with clunky blinds, consider using graphics to thank your customers for their business, build your brand, or offer helpful information.
  • Offering some privacy: There are some instances when passersby don’t need to see everything that goes on inside your business, like when you’re talking to a new client. Other times, there are simply too many distractions outside. A decorative or frosted window film quickly solves these problems and provides the privacy that your clients need.
  • Giving direction: When people pull instead of push, get confused about parking, or don’t know which door to use, let a window decal give the message. The last thing you want to do is frustrate customers before they can even walk through the door.


Not only are window decals or a decorative window film great for retailers, but they also help offices stand out from the competition. Maximize your messaging with window graphics that are visually appealing and watch your curb-appeal improve. Contact your VGS salesperson today!