Increase your chances of professional success when you put business goals inside your office with wall graphics. Blank, white walls with off-the-shelf corporate wall art are no longer the norm. Instead, business owners are discovering that consumers respond well to graphics, which challenge their perceptions of a brand, invite to interactions, and underline the advertising messages of secondary signage products. Examples are everywhere.

Brag a Little

It may feel strange to include a wall graphic that reads, “We’re the Best.” But if you do not say it, who will? When you combine a large, colorful wall graphic with bold colors and images that reminds of a collage, visitors to your space cannot help but pay attention. Installed in a conference area where it faces the seating arrangement most commonly chosen by clients, this mural almost challenges onlookers to give the company a try. And this is exactly what you want.

Connect Your Business with a Need

Present prospective clients with the fact that you have an intricate understanding of the need, which your company meets locally or globally. Highlight the issue with provocative images that display on a conference room focal wall. Examples may include the quote of a famous activist or insider, wall graphics that grip the eye with colorful images, and a piece of customized wall art in the center, which ties together your message.

Inspire Workers

Remember that prospective clients and customers are not the only ones who take in your displays presenting business goals. Telling employees to “think big” with a graphics display that encourages teamwork reminds each individual of his or her pivotal role within the company and the team. Display these messages in a training room, on an office wall or within a call center.

Use Puns and Word Plays to Your Advantage

Displaying an attractive graphic that says, “All students excel with EXCEL” is a great way of using a play on words to get your message across. In fact, doing so succeeds in challenging the audience to define what excelling means for each individual. This process leads – almost organically – to a consideration of the product’s merits and how it can serve the individual to meet the goals s/he just identified. Puns and plays on words allow the consumer to make the brand personal.

Express Your Place in History

Vignettes are graphics that do not present a cohesive message but rather offer glimpses at parts of a message in a seemingly random display. For example, when you like the idea of communicating your business goals as being patriotic, environmentally conscious and being in it for the long run, you might choose specific colors, popular images related to social awareness, and graphics that depict modern as well as historical scenery. If you’ve been in business locally for decades, why not tell others that you’re proud of your community and your place in it.

The Bottom Line

The trick to using wall graphics and murals for business goals is in the precise definition of your message. Vernon Graphic Solutions will help you narrow down the focus of wall graphic displays to have a central message that comes across loudly and clearly. Combine this approach with creativity and a mix of design elements, and you’ll visually let your clients know who you are and what your business is about without having to say it.